The corner stone of belief at Amity has always been nurturing the students in a holistic manner. The future of any nation is its human resource and in a country like India where the majority of the population is the young mass then it becomes imperative on the part of educational institutions to guide them, nurture them and help them become good and responsible citizens with the right values. Team AGBS Bhubaneswar has taken the cudgels to uplift the society with its well groomed students who will serve the nation, the society and family in every possible way. This is the belief here that igniting young minds means not just formal education or a certificate but bright young minds who learn to think, serve and spread the light of education wherever they go.

Dr. Ranjan Kantha

Director & Campus Head

Dr. Sushree Sangita Ray

IT & HR (Exp-22 Yrs)

Dr. Rachita Ota

Marketing (Exp-15 Yrs)

Prof. Sujata Rath

Communication and Soft skills (Exp-24 Yrs)

Prof. Debashish Rout

Operations & Marketing (Exp- 20 Yrs)

Prof. Purnima Sarkar

Finance & Accounts (Exp-15 Yrs)

Dr. S. J. Mishra

Quantitative Technique (Exp-19 Yrs)

Dr. Ashamayee Mishra

Marketing (Exp-8 Yrs)

Prof. Suraj Kumar Swain

Finance (Exp-17 Yrs)