“The handpicked faculty members at AGBS Bhubaneswar are experts in their respective areas. They are passionate and curious individuals and are research-oriented so that their field of research ultimately helps their classroom teaching and this develops the cognitive abilities of the students.

Our team is always accessible to the students which in turn strengthen the mentor-mentee relationship. This goes a long way in contributing to the harmony on the campus and the teaching learning process as well. This culture is in keeping with Amity’s tradition of maintaining the Guru-Sishya Parampara.”

Dr. Ranjan Kantha

Dean, Bhubaneswar

Prof. Sushree Sangita Ray



Prof. Debasish Rout

Operations & Marketing


Prof. Rachita Ota

Marketing & Rural Management


Prof. Purnima Sarkar

Finance & Accounting


Prof. Sujata Rath

Communication and Soft Skills



Quantitative Technique


Prof. Ashamayee Mishra



Mr. Satyakam Debjyoti



Mr. Shaikh Khalilullah

Graduate in French & German Language